5 Oct 2012

Malfeitor - Dum Morior Orior [Full length] (2012, Hellthrasher Productions)

Malfeitor is an old death metal band hailing from Sweden. Despite their early year of creation they've had a lot of down-time and as such didn't start releasing material before 2011. Now, what if I told you that Malfeitor is a Swedish death metal band that DOESN'T have the famed Sunlight guitar-sound, would you believe it? Nowadays it's almost hard to come by Swedish death metal bands that aren't Grave-clones, but it would seem that this band has chosen to move in a different direction, which still involves plenty of the malevolent melodies that Sweden have become known for.

At first the album Dum Morior Orior didn't really do anything for me. It sounded like mundane, garden-variety death metal without anything out of the ordinary. And to be honest, Malfeitor really isn't that special, but the fact that they are old-timers in the terms of death metal shows greately on Dum Morior Orior, and after turning that shit way up on the stereo the straight up solid quality of the album hit me like a brick in the nuts. I cannot stress enough that the production of this album makes it worth listening to very loud.

However, Malfeitor's Dum Morior Orior is an album filled with tracks that are only moderately enjoyable on their own. The band have crafted a malicious sound aswell as a grim recipe for song writing, but on their own the tracks pale in comparison to the highly memorable opuses of other bands such as Bloodbath.
The album lacks hooks and as such is mostly enjoyable as a whole. The otherwise good songwriting simply can't do it on its own. If I were to point out a few tracks that one should listen to in order to get a fulfilling view of the album I would recommend Scenes from a Slaughterhouse, Rolling with Corpses and Beyond the Horrorizon, which despite its name is actually a really great song.
In closing Dum Morior Orior is 11 tracks, roughly 40 minutes, of death metal that WILL serve its purpose if you give it the chance to do so. 7/10 guitars.

1. Conversation in Minor
2. Beyond the Horrorizon
3. When Last Breath Fades
4. Exile from Sanity
5. To Hell, Farewell
6. Death, the Dead and Me
7. Rolling with Corpses
8. And the Sky Turned to Rage
9. Psychosis
10. Scenes from a Slaughterhouse
11. Sojourn Hell

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