Here's how it works:
  • 0 GUITARS: The ultimate of suckage. The release has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • 1 GUITARS: Very very very bad and boring. Almost no good elements (maybe it has nice coverart, but the music is shit)
  • 2 GUITARS: Very bad. Incredibly lacking in all aspects.
  • 3 GUITARS: Bad. Dull in most aspects and has few redeeming qualities.
  • 4 GUITARS: Bland, boring, mediocre, uninteresting. Has few qualities and is mostly just not interesting enough to listen to for prolonged periods of time.
  • 5 GUITARS: Mostly uninteresting, but has some good qualities and interesting elements. Perhaps some songs or parts are alright. Listenable.
  • 6 GUITARS: Alright. A couple of nice touches and fine elements. Generally alright listening.
  • 7 GUITARS: Good. Many great qualities and overall a nice release.
  • 8 GUITARS: Very good. A lot of great elements. Few bad elements and perhaps only lacking in creativity or production.
  • 9 GUITARS: Incredibly good. Simply fantastic. Probably no real issues other than petty stuff.
  • 10 GUITARS: The perfect release. No dodgy elements whatsoever. Simply marvelous.

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