10 Oct 2012

Brain Famine - Brain Famine [EP] (2011, Self-released)

Ah, grindcore. Is there anything that doesn't go great with grindcore? If there is, death and thrash metal isn't it. Proven time and time again by bands such as the horror themed Frightmare, Brain Famine resurrects the time-tested recipe for mosh-friendly death/thrash/grind with gusto and abrasive enthusiasm.

What the lyrics are about I have no idea, but then again I've never been that much of a lyric aficionado. But what I do know is that Brain Famine, two guys from Weymouth, Massachussets, know their grind. I'm guessing they've been listening a lot to bands like Macabre, Carcass and Ghoul, and like those bands they've got the heavy riffs, organic drumming and terrific production down. Whoever said that grindcore needs to sound shitty is an asshole and needs to be buried alive with a handful of spiders.

With just 6 songs on the EP you'd think that, given their predisposition to grindcore elements, it's gonna be a short one. Au contraire! The eponymous opus is a whopping 22 minutes in length, which is only a mere 7 minutes shorter than Slayer's magnum opus Reign in Blood. Not that those two compare. At all.

Brain Famine's first effort as a band is one that shows great understanding of how to put together awesome metal and grind. Though I've been heaping loads of praise upon the EP it's not all perfect. There is especially one track that annoys me slightly, namely Ingest, the third track. It sort of halts the otherwise monumental flow and momentum that the first two tracks create, and with it's incredible 5 minutes and 56 seconds it takes a lot of focus away when listening. It's not a bad track as such, but I would like it more if it was placed last on the EP and wasn't so damn long.
Brain Famine succeed in creating hugely enjoyable death/thrash/grind that I will likely be listening to for months to come. It may not be perfect, but it feels sufficiently polished and prepared to reignite my want for some Impetigo. 8/10 guitars.

1. Die Off
2. Cunning Bondage
3. Ingest
4. Ignorant Dopes
5. Citizen Solution
6. N.F.O.

BRAIN FAMINE official site

Don't just take my word for it. Listen to Brain Famine with your own two ears! Or one ear, if you're a freak

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