16 Dec 2011

Otis Reaper - Otis Reaper [Demo] (2011, Inherent Records)

From the aggressive pits of hardcore came... Sludge. Otherwise categorized as a semi-solid residual mass, the term sludge (or sludge metal) is mostly used to describe a mix of hardcore punk, doom metal and various rock styles like southern rock aswell as having some stoner influences now and then.

Tennessee-sludgebangers Otis Reaper play prime-example sludge metal with all the classic elements of the genre. Throaty vocals, punked up sound, heavy distortion and groovy riffs are all part of the grimy concoction. If you're unfamiliar with the genre trust me when I say that this is what sludge is supposed to sound like. Maintaining a certain drive and saturated with catchy guitars the American newcomers know what it's all about. Fans of Black Sabbath will notice certain Iommi-inspired riffs incorporated neatly into the heavy and ultra dirty sounds of the self-titled demo.

The five tracks that together form the demo from earlier this year offer great variation in terms of tempo and feel, but they all have the same flow and general atmosphere. Otis Reaper doesn't exactly revolutionize the genre, but they play it like it's supposed to be played. They have some minor issues with production as their sound tends to be a little too treble and not bassy enough, and hopefully this wish will be fulfilled on their next release. If you're a fan of Bongzilla and Weedeater you must check out the American quartet Otis Reaper. 7/10 guitars.

1. Traversing the Orbs of Time
2. Optimator
3. Footprints in Dead Earth
4. Graveyard Sorcery
5. Unspeakable Acts of Intoxication

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