9 Dec 2011

At Dusk - At Dusk [Demo] (2011, Self-released)

Fronted by bands such as Shining (Swe), Xasthur and Nyktalgia depressive black metal is a somewhat new genre focussed mostly on droning rhythms and a cold atmosphere. While depressive black metal is mainly about the lyrics - which are more often than not about nihilism, apathy and depressed moods - you often see it go hand in hand with the above description also featuring simplistic guitars, gritty production and acoustic elements.

The bands within the genre are greatly varied. An example of textbook depressive/atmospheric black metal would be At Dusk, who's sole member "Korihor" hails from the sunny state California in the USA. Having released only one split before this self-titled piece you could say that At Dusk is still a young band, though the time in this realm has been spent effectively: This 13-track demo tape is over one hour in length. Even for depressive black metal, where many bands are known for making songs of great length, this is much.

The At Dusk demo tape is exactly what depressive black metal needs to be. Gritty, dark, cold, desolate and devoid of all life. If I was told that Korihor had walked among intergalactic horrors and stared directly into chaos I would be inclined to believe it. The impressive 13 tracks offer many minutes of emotive compositions and simplistic structures fitting to this particular style of metal. Among the traditional elements of the genre you will on this demonstration of skill you'll find certain foreign parts; weird melodies that at times can sound almost psychedelically horrific or cosmic, which only further contributes to the unearthly depressed atmosphere.

If you are into highly atmospheric depressive black metal in the vain of Xasthur and very early Burzum this self-titled demo is definitely something for you. At Dusk is the total package of low to mid-paced depressive black metal. This release should come with a warning: If you turn up At Dusk really loud it will at times sound like eldritch horrors scratching and clawing at the walls of your mind. 8/10 guitars.

1. Invocation of Ancient Power
2. Colder than the Merciless Snow
3. End of Being
4. My Flesh, a Pittance
5. The Profaned Temple
6. Forsaken, Betrayed
7. Suffer in Solitude
8. Limbless, Man's Fall
9. Will This Ever End?
10. Boundless Fathoms (of Pain)
11. I Have No Mouth
12. Haunting Echoes
13. Within this Hallowed Place

For more At Dusk check out the official homepage HERE

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