21 Jun 2013

100th Review Anniversary

Not long ago I wrote my 100th review here on the blog. It's been in the works for about a month and a half and I've hinted a bit at it on certain forums, but here it finally is. I wanted to commemorate my 100th review with a compilation showcasing some of the songs that made the biggest impression on me, be it because it's seriously rocking or because it's just catchy as hell. The 20 songs I chose are featured on this compilation, complete with front- and backcover and booklet.

All the tracks featured have been approved for the compilation by the band or the label in writing.
Thanks to all who helped realize this free release, and feel free to spread it around as much as you'd like. That's the whole idea after all.

The link can also be found in the Downloads section.

Download it HERE

Probably won't fit on one CD though

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Desiderium - Desolation / Forest of Forgotten Memories 
2. Agga - Neo Sumerian
3. Escarnium - Rex Verminorum
4. Dissolution - Thrash Hammer
5. Encephalopathy - Cut Her Lips Off
6. Endometritis - Ulcus Durum
7. Sphere - Forever Sworn to Blasphemy
8. Stillborn - Overture .966 / Hymn of Destruction
9. Outliar - Another Surrender
10. Inferius Torment - Agnus Dei
11. Deus Otiosus - Pest Grave
12. Legionary - Embracing Trauma
13. Fabricant - Legacy of Thine Delirium
14. Defilementory - Infatuation with Deformity
15. Sewercide - Seismic Annihilation
16. Darkend - Spiritism: The Transmigration Passage
17. Nordland - Thule
18. Malichor - Demonic Power to Infinity
19. Skinfather - Succession
20. Arescet - The Crackling of Embers

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