9 Mar 2012

Sapanakith - Promo [Demo] (2011, Self-released)

To most outsiders all brutal death metal bands sound completely alike. Even to seasoned fans of the genre it can be difficult to distinguish between the hordes of bands. Some differentiate themselves by having a certain style, and especially the South American scene has a certain sound to it that makes it fairly easy to recognize.

Sapanakith, a brutal three-man death band, hail from Laos in Asia. While they don't stand much out from the crowd they do what they do well. Their style is pretty close to many of the South Asian bands of the genre, which ultimately borrow many of their characteristics from the South American scene. To describe Sapanakith's sound I'll have to say they went for the all-in-one bargain which apparently contains pig squeels, saucepan snares, chuggy riffs and blast beats. While this is mostly tantamount to boredom the Laos trio have somehow managed to find just the right amount of each so that it doesn't become boring. Then again with just two tracks and a cover song on the demo it doesn't leave much room for experimentation or... Well anything really.

I've noticed a tendency among brutal death metal bands of releasing very short demos. I understand new bands want their material spread around as fast as possible, but honestly, how about putting just a little more work into it and making 4 or 5 songs? Since brutal death metal by nature is kinda brief a 2 or 3 song demo is almost over before it even began and the same goes for Sapanakith's 2011 demo. Just when you're getting into it and feeling the vibe it's over. You kinda get the feeling that Sapanakith don't really get to prove themselves. Another problem with short demos is that it doesn't really leave much to talk about...

As mentioned earlier the band play straight up brutal death metal with a few slamming parts once in a while. They're nothing special, but they play the genre better than many other bands. One thing: Their sound is great. Everything is perfectly balanced and completely audible, and that's a huge plus considering the amount of bands with a muddy, unintelligible sound. 7/10 guitars.

1. Demerit Sanction
2. Immoral Corrupted Tyrants
3. Womb Full of Scabs (Disgorge Cover)

SAPANAKITH official site
Download the demo and listen for yourself HERE

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