17 Feb 2012

Postscrypt - Foreplay to Auralgasm [Promo] (2011, Self-released)

The listener will find Postscrypt lurking in their own dark fantasies in the abandoned tenebrous parts of the mind. In this ungodly place the band experiments with a great variety of elements, ranging from blast-beats, Type O Negative-ish vocals, symphonic instrumentation, throaty screams and clearly gothic parts. However, none of these tendencies are dominant and thus makes it hard to justily classify their particular style.

Each individual effort of the bandmembers are genuinely okay in their own rights, but together I get the feeling that Postscrypt are not sure where they're going musically as a collective. Different impressions make for a spacey sound, and while I don't normally mind I think it's somewhat misplaced in this instance.
The quartet have their moments. I was not completely bored at all times, but I wasn't excited at any time either. I feel that though their flow is solid the band never really reach their climax. It's like they're building up an atmosphere and building expectations only to then let the song "fall into itself" again. I never really came to look forward to the chorus or any particular place in one of the five songs on the promo. The music just kind of... Flows along like a small, quiet river and probably serves better as background music.

All in all I'd say that Foreplay to Auralgasm is an honest although ultimately uninteresting effort, at least to me. Their repetoire seems to be limited to mellow and low-tempoed metal with little going on other than the occassional good riff or interesting (and excentric, to say the least) vocal effort. I'll hand them one thing - Their music made me think of such acts as The Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative and one particular Katatonia song once in a while, but generally their music just feels like a watered down version of something else. 5/10 guitars.

Note: The picture shown is NOT the actual coverart.

1. Creme de Carnage
2. Ballerina
3. Apocalypse
4. Rosethorn Propaganda
5. Closing the Black Chapter

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